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Habitat For Humanity® Winnipeg - The Future Builders
Get Involved: Fundraising

Fundraising Ideas:
  • Plan a fun Habitat for Humanity fundraising event such as a pancake breakfast, bingo bowl, or a family sleigh ride.
  • Your congregation can join us for a build day and help us financially by accepting our Adopt-a-Day Challenge. We are asking churches and other non profit organizations to contribute a minimum of $50 per person for a week day Build, and $75 per person for a Saturday Build.
  • Build a Habitat paper home
    Encourage your congregation to build a home or community out of paper components. Individual home kits are available and can be assembled on a wall in a common area. Once assembled, each home measures 192cm high by 126cm wide (75.5 inches by 49.5 inches). The goal of this fundraiser is to raise a minimum of $518.00 which equates to the cost of lighting fixtures in a real Habitat for Humanity Home. Each home kit is made up of 1 foundation, two supporting walls, 109 bricks, two windows, one door, a ceiling, two roof halves, and a chimney. Whoever purchases the component writes their name on the item and tapes it onto the wall. The suggested value of the components are as follows:
    • Foundation $50
    • Supporting walls $20 each
    • Bricks $2 each
    • Windows $20 each
    • Door $20
    • Ceiling $35
    • Half Roof $50 each
    • Chimney $15
    The kits include structural elements that are made of coroplast (corrugated plastic). These components will be on loan for the duration of the fundraiser and will need to be returned to Habitat for Humanity.

    Consider building a home, or a community. Just let us know how many kits you would like.
  • Have your congregation make donations to cover the costs of certain items in a home:
  • - sheet of drywall, $15
    - case of nails, $50
    - a single door, $100
    - light fixtures, $500
    - high efficiency water tank, $500
    - high efficiency furnace, $2,500
    - electrical material, $5,000
    - roof, $6,500

    An alternative approach would be to collect donations of $125 which equates to the costs for a square foot in a Habitat for Humanity Manitoba home.
If you are interested in holding a Habitat for Humanity Manitoba Fundraiser, please register your event and someone from Habitat will contact you.
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