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Habitat For Humanity® Winnipeg - The Future Builders
The e-Builder: Issue 36, 2013

A Habitat Homeowner's Story

In 2011, David's life changed forever. That year had a rough start when his twin toddlers David Junior and Danielle were removed from their mother's home. Knowing his kids needed him, David applied to take full custody. However, before the children could be put in David's care, he was required to upgrade his living accommodations. With that, David moved out of his bachelor unit into a two bedroom apartment. That July, he was granted full custody of David Jr. and Danielle. Their mother has not been in their lives since.

David and his twin toddlers, Junior & Danielle, are the 2013 Cycle of Hope family.

David and his twin toddlers, Junior & Danielle, are the 2013 Cycle of Hope family.

David is First Nations, soft spoken, and has very little family in Winnipeg. His mother lives in Ontario, so he doesn't have much help in raising a set of very energetic and active twins. The two bedroom apartment he lives in with David Jr. and Danielle is furnished with second hand pieces. Mattresses sit on the floor in the bedrooms and for now, the twins share a mattress. David does a good job at keeping the apartment well maintained, clean and in order. However, the apartment doesn't give the twins a place to play (but that doesn't stop them from bouncing off the walls!). The kids have a lot of energy and love running around outside, but their present living situation doesn't allow them to do that very often. The area isn't kid-friendly and doesn't offer any recreational spaces. Daniel has been working at a printing company for the past five years, but his paychecks are stretched to the limit as his rent has more than doubled from when he was living in his former bachelor apartment. He doesn't own his own vehicle, but his brother helps him out by letting him borrow his truck.

Since taking full custody of David Jr. and Danielle, David has worked very hard to make sure his kids have everything they need. Having a home that is tailored to work with his income would make a world of difference for his young family. Through Habitat, David could provide a stable home for David Jr. and Danielle, as well as a healthy place to grow up and the means to save for their future. David is also no stranger to the volunteering community, as he is known to volunteer his time on a weekly basis at a local food bank. He has been a fantastic partner to Habitat, and is honored he and his children were selected as the Cycle of Hope family.

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