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Habitat For Humanity® Winnipeg - The Future Builders
The e-Builder: Issue 30, 2012

Pennies for a Change

Pennies for a ChangeWhile the last penny was struck earlier this year, Habitat for Humanity's Dauphin Chapter won't be worrying about seeing a shortage of them anytime soon. Habitat Dauphin's Youth Ambassador Anna Orisko is a soon-to-be Grade Six student with a love for volunteering in her community and helping those in need. As the ambitious force behind Pennies for a Change, she paid visits to Dauphin's elementary school, middle school, and high school to give Power Point presentations encouraging each student body to get involved and start their own penny drive. The end result was $3,600 in change (and yes, she did roll the majority of it herself!).

Safe to say, this is one young lady with a very bright future. Kudos to Anna on this fantastic achievement and all the best in Grade Six!
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