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Habitat For Humanity® Winnipeg - The Future Builders
Construction: Green Building

Habitat for Humanity Manitoba (HFHM) is reducing the environmental footprint resulting from the many houses being built by pursuing 'green' building. The energy and water efficiency of all these homes not only makes them environmentally friendly, but also more affordable by reducing the daily living costs for the low-income working homeowners.

Homes are built air tight (minimal leakage) and incorporate increased insulation levels, efficient heating and ventilation systems, and energy efficient lighting and appliances. HFHM has been building all of its homes to Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Gold Standards since 2006. The Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Gold standard is a designation given to homes that are built to the highest level of energy efficiency. Manitoba Hydro estimates that building these homes to the Power Smart Gold standard enables Habitat homeowners' heating bills to be one-third lower than homes built that meet the current new-home building code standards.

In addition to Manitoba Hydro's Power Smart Gold standards, the homes built at the Sir Sam Steele site are awaiting Leadership in Energy and Environmental design (LEED®) certification and are expected to be Platinum certified. The LEED standards examine the entire building process, the home construction, and ongoing operation of the homes. LEED features include construction waste being minimized and recycled, homes included with dual flush toilets, and features to preheat hot water, along with landscaping to minimize the requirement for watering.

All future Habitat homes will maintain the Power Smart Gold standard and continue to build to many aspects of LEED® certification.

To meet these energy efficient standards, HFHM created an Integrated Project Team. The team combined the skills and knowledge of experts from Friesen Tokar Architects, AECOM Engineering, McGowan Russell Landscape Architects, John Hockman and Associates, Infotechnika, and HFHM staff.

Habitat for Humanity Manitoba takes great pride in building Canada's greenest affordable housing development, and the greenest housing development in Manitoba.

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